Engaging Labels – Exploiting New Opportunities

Social networking and information technology is transforming our traditional spaces daily. From using Skype to communicate to a friend abroad in China, or tweeting our favorite celebrity, how we utilize social technology is effectively changing how we view the world. Businesses have used these opportunities to engage with their consumers, sparking conversations about brand experience and even customer service. Most consumers are familiar with platforms like Facebook, Twitter and engaging blog posts, where like minded consumers can share their experiences about the brand or voice a complaint. While these platforms are tried and true ways to engage with consumers, many companies are utilizing prime real estate outside of the online realm.

QR or quick response codes have seen a surge in popularity. These codes are used by marketers to hold the attention of their consumers as well as inform. While some of these QR codes merely take the consumer to the company’s corporate website, some brands are utilizing these QR codes to add true value to their consumer’s brand experience such as ready to use coupons and deals and even nutrition facts in the case of McDonald’s.

QR codes are not without risk. According to Carol Houghton of Labels and Labeling, sloppy QR codes with broken links, “Can damage a brand; it needs to be a gateway to a valuable and virtual world with recipes, games, competitions and giveaways.”

Brands have a great opportunity to invite their consumers to a unique virtual experience and shape the future of engaging packaging, if executed properly.  For tips on execution and QR code do’s and dont’s, check out “QR Codes Best Practices” here.


photo courtesy of: www.bangkokpost.com


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